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Facing the future

Facing the future Searching questions about our saving and investment habits need to be answered as the gap between needs and reality widens. These days we are likely to live longer, healthier lives. The Office for National Statistics predicts that … Continue reading

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Profit extraction for new businesses

Profit extraction for new businesses Given the current economic climate, many clients are investigating the opportunities of working for themselves. It is therefore absolutely imperative that, if you are considering such a move, you are fully briefed on the most … Continue reading

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The single-tier State Pension – the case for change

The case for change In his foreword to the government’s proposals (Source: The single-tier pension: a simple foundation for saving) to reform the State Pension scheme, the Minister of State for Pensions, Steve Webb, refers to the simplicity of the … Continue reading

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Investment income and growth

Investment income and growth Interest rates have been frozen at a historic low for more than four years. Conversely, inflation and taxes remain high. As a consequence it’s now very difficult to find a savings account that will earn sufficient … Continue reading

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Gifting surplus income

A prominent area of discussion with clients is Inheritance Tax planning, and although there are several plans available to mitigate one’s IHT liability depending on the individual client circumstances, it is essential to not miss the basic opportunities which are … Continue reading

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Philanthropy: How your giving can achieve more

Philanthropy: How your giving can achieve more The wealthy have a long tradition of philanthropy with today’s generous benefactors, like Bill and Melinda Gates and Lord Sainsbury, continuing the tradition established by industrialists like Joseph Rowntree and Andrew Carnegie. Their … Continue reading

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Diversification is key to successful investment

Diversification The discipline of diversification, in a financial sense, is one of which investors are being increasingly reminded given the volatile nature of global investment markets over the past few years. Furthermore, investors are now able to access a much … Continue reading

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Loan Plan – A Flexible Platform for the Future

For many people the desire to mitigate Inheritance Tax (IHT) can be tempered by their concerns over giving assets away. This could be as a result of: • Uncertainty regarding future plans and/or affordability • A lack of comfort, or an … Continue reading

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Is it still worth saving into a pension scheme?

Is it still worth saving into a pension scheme? Many investors will have been asking themselves that question following the announcement in last year’s Autumn Statement of yet more restrictions on tax reliefs on annual contributions and the size of … Continue reading

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Auto Enrolment: how prepared are you?

Auto Enrolment Although most employers won’t have their staging date until 2015/2016, there is a lot of work required in order to plan and prepare for Auto Enrolment. As an employer you will need to consider the cost implications and … Continue reading

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